OIJ #2: Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty New Year Greetings!

Such a short time to catch up with my Singaporean friends over Japanese dinner a few days ago. Actually, they’re now based in Australia and the United Kingdom but flew from South Korea as the New Zealand-born husband works there. We represent 3 continents and the 3 of us adults have visited various countries together and separately to cover the other continents! Oh yes, the husband of the senior adult is now in heaven but we do remember him as the reason we got to know each other.

Two of the 3 little girls were just so happy and excited to show their “face tattoo,” as they called it, from the theme park in Tokyo that they just visited. It was a pleasant surprise to see the images of the mascots of the park on the beautiful faces of the toddlers and the 3-month old baby. The innovative “come-ons” are so inviting that even I’d been to this indoor park, I’m encouraged to go back again and again. There’s always something new to explore and even to taste and to buy. 🙂 Who can resist San Rio Puroland and its products, especially for pastel color lovers? I bet, Hello KittyMy MelodyCinnamorollJewelpet, and other San Rio products have reached many countries like where my friends and I have visited.  Its global popularity is a good testament to the quality of “original in Japan” (OIJ).

When I went to the US almost a decade ago, many American ladies expressed to me their great interest to visit Sanrio Land, sounds like the counterpart of Disneyland. One senior citizen from the Philippines traveled to Japan which she considered her dreamland because of her love for Hello Kitty. She narrated that she has been collecting Sanrio products since the company was launched in 1974. She loves “Made in Japan” products!

It’s amusing to hear many stories of Sanrio lovers. One maternity hospital in Taiwan looks like a Sanrio theme park . The doctor-owner was inspired by his mom, wife and daughter who love Hello Kitty & her family.

Real Hello Kitty House

One of our teachers at Olives Language School shared to me a funny story where the plane they boarded bound for Taipei has Sanrio “motif.” The stoic Japanese men were so amused by the plates, cutleries and meal boxes with images of Sanrio mascots. At Seoul International Airport, one can’t let pass the Sanrio Cafe — a good place for captivating memories! I did!

I have more to say about this OIJ theme park just about 30 minutes from my schoolhouse via Tama Monorail (1 ride only!) but I’ll just encourage you to visit the place and have fun interacting with the mascots. Just be careful not to be enticed by the “cultic” love affair with Hello Kitty & other Sanrio products 🙂

Access: Tama-Center, the city of Hello Kitty, is about 30 minutes by train from Shinjuku and roughly 60 minutes from Tokyo Station.

Sanrio Puroland  1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo Tel. +81-42-339-1111 (9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Website: https://en.puroland.jp