Owning a property in Japan

Today my adult student and I had a serious discussion on moving to places and looking for a house to stay. Her family’s decision to relocate involves a lot of factors and the most important one is close to their aging parents and a residence accessible to various amenities. The cost of living here is very high, especially in Tokyo. Indeed, everything is expensive in Japan!

“Wait a minute,” I told my student. I remember many articles spread like fire last year about FREE HOUSES in Japan. We searched some of the links even the one forwarded to me by an American friend. It’s too good to be true but there’s no harm in trying.

Hope she can find one that her family with 2 young kids will not spend money on owning a house of their own and even meet their goals and purpose of relocation.

How I wish I can also avail but I think it’s far from reality as a single foreigner and no relative here as a guarantor. I had been renting 2 buildings for our school & private quarter and it’s really a big chunk of our monthly expenses. Praying the owner of one of the rented buildings will sell their land to me; the building is of no value here because it’s almost 40 years old.

Since last year, we had been renovating our school buildings and it’s taking ages to finish…I just joined FB Group on Building and Renovating a House in Japan and lots of info on how foreigners are coping and adjusting to the local norms, legal regulations and fixing things to suit their taste. I sought their second opinion on my current project of exterior renovation of our school building…Good to receive confirmation from them.

Exterior Project: 2 new signboards, new glass door, mural, painting of school facade & right side wall to the tune of ¥ 1.25 million plus tax. Negotiation is underway that the owner will share some of the incurred expenses for the glass door as I’ve been renting here for 9 years.

Yesterday I gave my final decision to my adult student who acted as a “go-between” to Takasou Company. Praying everything will go well and safe for everyone concern, fast but satisfactory, the outcome will be a good “come on” to students and their families…We have 3 newly-enrolled students and 5 inquiries this start of 2019. The newest one started yesterday and she’s the daughter of a Japanese surgeon.

New signboard 1:  
Olives, Inc. registered/copyrighted mascots representing each of our schools (Champ, Mr. Olive & Olivia) and gakudo (Victoria & Oliver).   
I adopted the Japanese love for animation characters.
New signboard 2!

Well, check the sites of giveaway houses in Japan and enjoy your search. Just let me know if you got one!



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