Education for babies: My Joy & Privilege

For more than 5 years now, I have been teaching babies 0~2+ years old at Tachikawa City Children Future Center. (Check Little Panda group here: So impressed by the desire of the Japanese moms for their young children to learn foreign songs, words, crafts, and culture. In the school year 2017~2018, each pupil made a book entitled, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Did You See? This year we focus on Jolly Learning’s Phonics & Songs. Special events like Valentine, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas are great learning exposures and experiences for the family. The thematic crafts serve as tactile and discovery activities. The kids are always looking forward to what they will do during the 1-hour lesson time and what they can bring home.

We can never underestimate the learning abilities of the babies! Great to grow with them and see their communicative skills as the months go by. So amazing that they can follow and memorize the English action songs and in sync with the melody and rhythm.

As a single person teaching babies and toddlers is a real self-discovery, too! I never thought when will I last teaching these bunch of cuties. To reach 5+ years in this job at my city’s community center is a real joy & feeling accomplished. I thank the moms and coordinators for their trust for a foreigner like me handling their babies. Indeed, it’s a privilege to impart original and creative ideas that serve as a learning foundation for the kids. I’m blessed to be their first teacher next to their moms.

There were occasions when I meet the moms and kids in various places and it’s like a reunion. It’s a happy feeling when kids can well remember me. Honestly, I can hardly recognize some of them because of the hundreds if not thousands of kids that I have taught babies and toddlers in Japan.

Today we reached our 91st lesson. Some events I don’t print the program so they are not counted. You can visit our website here: We also have kiddie program at my own school, Olives Kids English Club: